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Are you done struggling with PDF editors? Do you want everything you need to create your documents in one solution? This is exactly what our solutions in this category do. Create something that will help convey the message your company wants to spread. We will provide you with the tools you need, so you can create everything you want.

3s.DAP solution

Automate the drafting of your legal documents

3s.DAP is a Document Automation Platform that can be used to create structured corporate documents in a safe way. It is a platform designed by lawyers for legal professionals and businesses, so you can be sure that your documents are secure.

When logging in to 3s.DAP, you will access to your personal workspace, where you can create your own dynamic document templates in a few clicks, or access the ready-to-use template library. Your internal or external clients can then generate documents in minutes by answering simple online forms. So through smart questionnaires, the solution even automatically populates documents for you.

There are two versions of 3s.DAP. One is for free and can be used to generate one standard template. The second one is our subscription model. It contains three templates, one of which is customized. And of course you have the option to add more templates.

Benefits of the solution:

Dynamic models

Transform your word templates into dynamic models. Create your legal documents in minutes.

Clause library

Save time by finding and reusing your favorite clauses and templates.


Set your models access rights and work together with your team within a shared workspace.


Keep an eye on your organisation’s key legal information: number of contracts, status, history, KPIs, etc.

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