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Do you really need all the data that is being saved on your organisations storage space? Do you even know what your storing? Our solutions in the Analyse category do. The applications here will find, organise, classify and manage content located in systems and repositories across your entire organisation, so you can make an informed decision about what needs to stay, and what can go.

3s.Redact solution

Find and eradicate sensitive data

Are you done spending hours and hours on the mindless redaction of sensitive information in documents and emails? Well, so are we. 3s.Redact will automatically help you find and eradicate all traces of sensitive data. Instantly. So you don’t need to hire staff to do it for you.

The redactions remove all elements and metadata of the information, so it’s impossible to reverse. After 3s.Redact automatically finds all private entities that need to be redacted, it presents an intelligent review process. This way, you can ensure 100 percent accuracy. Within seconds you can verify all the redactions and quickly make changes.

So the times of tedious, manual redaction are a thing of the past thanks to our highly efficient solution.

Benefits of the solution:

Redact anything

Anything is identified and removable, even logos and signatures. Every redaction is customizable.

Supports images + PDFs

3s.Redact supports all image files (jpg, png, and others) as well as PDFs.

GDPR proof

Built with a focus on privacy. Complies with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other privacy regulations.

Easy installation

3s.Redact works on import and export folders and is installed on-premise.

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3s.Discovery solution

Illuminate and remediate dark content

3s.Discovery is a powerful tool that lets you find, organise, classify and manage content located in systems and repositories across your organization.

All companies deal with multiple systems that store information (e.g. CRM, ERP, file shares, email, cloud drives). These siloed systems lead companies to lose global control of their information, increasing the costs and risks related to data theft and non-compliance of privacy and retention regulations. 

3s.Discovery enables you to find, clean, organise and search all your content from a central location, helping you simplify regulatory compliance, preserve sensitive data, migrate documents to archives or the cloud.

Benefits of the solution:

Information management

Find, organise, enrich and classify content.

Identify information

Connect to a range of data sources to identify files containing personal or sensitive data.

GDPR proof

Supports compliance regulations like with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and others.

Migrate content

Reduce the time and cost of migrating your information to archives or a new application.

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