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How important are your company documents, pictures and all the other files for the business? Exactly, they are essential. That is why we, Spigraph, came up with the different steps your company needs to take to make business processes easier, more efficient and safer.

Welcome to 3s., our Solution Software Suite. Go take a look, discover, and find!

Create. Make something from scratch

We want to give you the tools so you can make anything you want. And the solutions in the ‘Create’ category are going to help you do just that.

3s.DAP is a Document Automation Platform that can be used to create structured corporate documents in a safe way. It is a platform designed by lawyers for legal professionals and businesses, so you can be sure that your documents are secure.

Input. Upgrade your scanner

Find the software you need to make your scanner into an even better machine than it already is. We’ll help you with the solution(s) in the ‘Input’ category.

Product(s) coming soon

Process. Improve your performance

Improve performance, increase efficiency of document processes and enhance the value of your capture solution. Our ‘Process’ solutions have got you covered.

Product(s) coming soon

Analyse. Find and manage content

Find, organise, classify and manage content located in systems and repositories across your entire organisation with our solutions in the ‘Analyse’ category.

3s.Redact. Are you done spending hours and hours on the mindless redaction of sensitive information in documents and emails? Well, so are we. 3s.Redact will automatically help you find and eradicate all traces of sensitive data. Instantly. So you don’t need to hire staff to do it for you.

3s.Discovery is a powerful tool that lets you find, organise, classify and manage content located in systems and repositories across your organisation.

Store. Never lose sight of your content

You need a safe and reliable place to store all of the content you and your organisation create. The solutions in the ‘Store’ category offer just that.

3s.DMS is a user-friendly solution for having documents directly available to the right people within the organisation. A document management system is a form of office automation in which you and your colleagues store, process and edit documents.

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